18 Sep 2018

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I am writing to inform you that Sha Tin College will be closed for students tomorrow Wednesday September 19th.  We have worked closely with SJS and the ESF Critical Incident Team over the course of today in making this decision.

The safety and security of our students and staff is our number one priority. The damage caused by Severe Typhoon Mangkhut to the area around the school has been significant, so much so that we cannot guarantee that our students would be able to safely access the school.  Equally in the event of an emergency situation, evacuation of students would be compromised. We have therefore decided to keep the school closed tomorrow while the recovery operation continues.

I have informed EDB of this situation and they are hoping to support us in prioritising making the area around the school safe.  Once that happens we will be able to re-open.

Teaching staff however will be on campus as normal tomorrow and will be in email contact with their students. Students will be expected to work from home under the direction of their teacher.  Access to online resources via SMART and Google classroom/docs is already well established practice which will facilitate this online learning.

We were due to have Swim Gala on September 28th. Given this unexpected closure of school we are going to reschedule Swim Gala to a later date in the year in the hope of making up some of the lost instruction time.

Please also note that the ESF Music Concerts on Wednesday and Thursday this week have also been cancelled. They will be rescheduled to a later date in the academic year.

I will continue to keep in contact with you and hope that we will be able to get students back into school as soon as possible.  As always your support and your understanding are greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Carol Larkin