29 Mar 2018

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents & Guardians,

As we approach the Easter holiday season I wanted to take a moment to share some of the wonderful things that have been happening at the College in recent weeks.

Since I last wrote in February our students have been very active, particularly in their creative endeavours and in relation to student voice and governance.  Student Council elections were held in early March with the process for selection run entirely by the students themselves. With a new Student Council now in place I would like to thank our outgoing Student Council members for their tireless contributions to ensuring student governance and voice remains strong at Sha Tin College.

Our students also ran an outstanding TEDxYouth@STC event. As you will know TED X is a very prestigious platform for engaging with global issues and innovative thinking. Our student and alumni speakers were excellent and gave the enthralled audience much to think about.  Equally impressive has been our annual Fashion Show, our IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition and the recent publication of our literary Voices magazine – Deja Vu. The quality of our students’ creative work is excellent, and mature in its execution. The ability of our students to articulate their artistic vision is equally impressive.  Participation in these types of activities most certainly contributes to the success of Sha Tin College students and helps to develop valuable life-long skills.

As we look forward to the coming term I’d like to draw your attention to a few important events. As you know the College will host a CIS/WASC school accreditation team visit in late April. The CIS/WASC process is an excellent mechanism for school improvement and reflection and we look forward to engaging with our stakeholders in the coming months as to how we can continue to develop and improve.  As part of school improvement, a sincere thank you to those who completed the ESF biennial survey. We hope to provide some feedback to parents about this in the new term.

As Year 13 Graduation looms and we welcome them as Sha Tin College Alumni, we are reminded that this is the time of year when we bid farewell to our IBDP & IGCSE students. I know you will join me in wishing the students a productive study leave and the very best of luck in their final examinations in May and June.

A big thank you to our PTSA who have been working with us on our uniform. Based on feedback from students and parents over the past year we are currently looking at uniform suppliers and procurement options with a view to ensuring good quality, affordable uniform, with the possibility of it being available for purchase online. We will of course keep you posted on how we progress with our discussions.

Our Shuttle Bus service to and from Fo Tan MTR has been working well this month and the times of the buses also seems to be working well for our students. The good news is that we will continue with the FREE shuttle service for April. We plan to introduce payment for the service for May and June.

The coming eleven-week term will be a demanding one with many of our students undertaking internal and external exams. While systematic revision is a key ingredient for success, equally important to success is a well-rested and recharged child. I hope you and your family have a relaxing and refreshing holiday.

If you would like to follow life at Sha Tin College more closely and see all the wonderful things we do on a daily basis, please follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts!  If you check out our Facebook today you will see the wonderful news that Sha Tin College students won the ESF Marketing Competition! What a wonderful way to end another great term at Sha Tin College.

Kind regards.

Carol Larkin

Principal – Sha Tin College

The VOiCE Team
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