3 Apr 2018

Learning pathways for Year 9 students going into Year 10 Mathematics

Dear Year 9 parents,
As we move towards the end of Year 9 the Mathematics faculty need to consider students’ learning pathways approaching their Mathematics IGCSE exams. We aim to place all our students on the most appropriate path to maximise best grades at the end of Year 11.

At Sha Tin College we offer both the extended and core IGCSE (Cambridge) courses as well as Additional Mathematics IGCSE (Cambridge) for those display the potential to succeed on that challenging syllabus. Additional Mathematics is taken as an extra IGCSE.

Although there is some flexibility in Year 10 and in a few cases in Year 11, the time to allocate students is now whilst they near the end of Year 9, in preparation for the coming two years of study.

This is based upon three main factors: the combination of the five unit assessments in Year 9, their individual teacher’s professional judgement of their learning needs and an end of year one hour assessment which covers all material from Years 7, 8 and 9.

This will be the same assessment for all students across the year irrespective of their current class and will take place on Thursday the 17th May during a one hour Maths lesson. Your child may wish to prepare for this final assessment and will find all the details of what has been covered from Year 7 to Year 9 on the Mathematics Smart pages for these three courses.

With regards,

Christian Baker, Leader of Key Stage 3 Mathematics

Kim Yip, Leader of Key Stage 4 Mathematics

Martin Astill, Head of Faculty