17 Jul 2017

Lower School Celebration Evening 2017

On the 22nd of June, family and friends gathered at STC to commemorate the many achievements and talents of the Y8 students, at Sha Tin’s first ever lower school celebration. The evening was dedicated to the accomplishments the students achieved throughout Year 7 and 8.

The celebration began with refreshments in the library. The Y8 chefs had prepared a wide array of savoury treats for parents and friends, showcasing the skills they learnt during food club. The chefs were led by Ms. Reed and Ms. Cottam. All the delicious food surrounded the theme of ‘Colour’, ranging from pink to green. Sarah Thomas of 8P2, one of the talented Y8 chefs, shared, “[One of the dishes] I made were the pesto and cheese twists. We made them in class and I had lots of fun doing so.” Sarah is also one of the winners of the ESF Junior Chef Competition.

As the evening progressed, the Y8 students grew more and more excited for the ceremony, taking ‘selfies’ with their friends and waving enthusiastically to their parents as they poured through the doors of the school hall.

The award ceremony!

Many awards were presented, including the ATL awards, contribution to tutor group awards, and the bronze, silver, and gold certificates, to commend the students’ hard work and passion for the past two years. In addition, an incredibly special award called the ‘Colin Hew On Tong Award’ was conferred, in memory of Colin Tong, a former student at Sha Tin College who passed away last November. The award stood for the values of kindness, love, determination and more, touching the hearts of everybody at the ceremony.

Throughout the celebration evening, the Y8 students displayed their vast range of talent by performing multiple musical acts. There was singing, piano playing, guitar strumming, and more.

On reflection of the past 2 years, Annelise Wong of 8G2 shared some advice for her peers and the audience, “On our journey so far, we have become more mature, more empathetic…It takes courage to become who you really are.”

We congratulate the Y8s for successfully graduating lower school, and we wish them the best of luck for the rest of their secondary school journey.

As remarked by Ms. Larkin, “[This] marks a very important milestone in your educational journey. You are absolutely the architect of your own success.”

Serena Lung, 12G1