16 Aug 2017

IB Diploma Provisional Results 2017

Sha Tin College is extremely proud to announce another excellent set of IB Diploma results. What is particularly remarkable about the students’ achievements is that Sha Tin College is an inclusive school, catering for students of almost all abilities. It is pleasing that this year’s students achieved an average Diploma score of 36.9, compared with the ESF average of 35.8 and world average of 29.9 points.

We have achieved a new STC and ESF record of eight students achieving the full 45 points this year: Peter Chau, Virginia Ip, Michael Law, Tuoyuan Li, Henry Lui, Candy Wong, Joey Wong, and Jeffrey Yam. This is an amazing achievement, given that only 0.136% of candidates worldwide were awarded the maximum marks. Another six students have achieved 44 points: Tiffany Cheung, Claire Hao, Nicholas Ng, Tayyab Shahzada, Anson Tong and Pallas Yiu. Overall, 38% of our students have achieved 40 or more points.

Table 1: Number of STC candidates achieving 40+ points (May 2017)

A further 7 students achieved 39 points, and 12 achieved 38 points. This means a total of 78 students (49.4%) achieved 38+ points, which is the equivalent to five A grades at A-Level. This further demonstrates that Sha Tin College students are able to achieve a great deal of success, comparable with some of the most able candidates in the world.

In addition, fourteen students have been awarded the Bilingual Diploma: Angela Fu, Pauline Girma, Cedric Li, Jasmine Hui, Sofia Lee, Tsz Yat Liu, Long Yin Au, Rowling Zhan, Nina Zhou, Shannon Yueng, Emily Liu, Beatrix Yu, Rosemary Kwok, and Sara Mohamed Hassanein.

Students scored an average of 5.8 points (out of 7), just short of the previous record of 5.9 set in 2016. The percentage of students awarded the IB Diploma is an impressive 97.5%, which is close to 20% above the worldwide average for IB Schools.

* IBO Worldwide data for May 2017 is not yet available so May 2016 data has been provided. The worldwide data has stayed fairly consistent over the last few years.

A staggering 59 students (37.4%) achieved the full 3 marks for EE andTOK.  For TOK, 22% of students achieved an A grade (97% achieved at least a C grade). For the EE, 33% of students achieved an A grade (94% got at least a C grade). All students passed their EE and TOK assessment. Completion of the CAS programme is not included as part of the IB scores, but all students were successful in passing the CAS requirements.

Whilst we are extremely proud of the students mentioned above, we are also particularly proud of the many students who fulfilled their personal potential and the students who were expected to find the Diploma Programme particularly challenging. Through sheer hard work and determination, these students have managed to achieve more than the 24 points needed to pass the IB Diploma. We are also very proud of the IB Courses students who achieved an average of 4.85 points per subject.

Average grades for IB subjects are well above worldwide averages for all IB subject groups at Sha Tin College, and this is an indication that our students are achieving well across the curriculum. The average grade for our students is consistently above the ESF and worldwide averages.

Table 2: Overview of IB Diploma Results (2013-2017)

We are also very proud of our staff. Sha Tin College is fortunate to employ an extremely talented and professional group of teachers and support staff who have worked tirelessly to support our students. We would also like to express our gratitude and congratulations to the parents of the Class of 2017. Finally, Sha Tin College wishes to acknowledge its graduating students on their fantastic achievements, many of whom have secured higher education places in a variety of prestigious university destinations across the world. Many congratulations!


Paul Hoang
Vice Principal
11th August 2017