11 Apr 2019

Year 8 ATL Celebration

Dear Parents and Year 8 Students,

It was wonderful to celebrate the achievements of the Y8 students at the ATL Award Ceremony this week.

Over the last 18 months Year 8 students have participated in a programme where they have provided evidence of their learning in the five Approaches to Learning (Communication, Self-Management, Collaboration, Thinking and Research) Educational research tells us that the most successful students have strong metacognitive skills and so the ATL programme encourages our students to reflect on their learning and adapt their approach in order to make good progress.

The Year 8 students who demonstrated continuous positive engagement with this programme over the course of three terms were awarded a medal at the celebration this week. Many congratulations to these students.

Here is a link to the photographs of the ATL Award Celebration:


Whilst you are more than welcome to keep photographs of your own children, please do not post any photos on social media of other children as we do not have permission from parents to facilitate this.  There are sensitivities around sharing, and using, photographs of our students. We take issues of child protection very seriously, as you will be aware. Please reference the ESF ‘Child Safeguarding Policy’ for more information about this; there is a copy on the Sha Tin College website.

We wish you all a marvelous Easter break.

Warm regards

Lucie Purves

Head of Middle School