9 Oct 2018

Kindness Week at Sha Tin College: 5th-9th November 2018

Dear Parents and Middle School Students,

I am writing to provide you with some information about Kindness Week at Sha Tin College.  The purpose of the week is for us to reflect on the concept of kindness and what we can do to help improve the lives of others.

Our mission statement reminds us that we all have a responsibility to help others and to ensure our community is one in which everyone can thrive. Having a week focused on kindness is also an opportunity for our community to do something positive to improve the lives of others. For this reason we will be partnering with the Hong Kong based charity Impact HK: http://www.impacthk.org/  This is a registered charity which helps the homeless and disadvantaged people in Hong Kong. On October 22nd the founder of the charity Mr Jeff Rotmeyer will be talking to the students in a Middle School assembly about the work the charity does in Hong Kong and how the school can help.

During Kindness Week the Middle School will be working on a project for Impact HK. We will be making mats for homeless people out of plastic bags. The purpose of this project is to make use of unwanted plastic bags and also to provide sleeping mats for homeless people. We will be making the mats at school and then donating these to the charity.  This project will also be a House competition.

If you have unwanted plastic bags we would be very grateful if you donate these for our project. Students should bring them to Room 237 in the week beginning 22nd October. It takes around 200 bags to make one mat and so we need a large number of bags.  The charity also needs donations; specifically: adult t-shirts, towels and water bottles. If you donate these items we will pass them on to the charity to distribute. Students should bring donations to Room 237 in the week beginning 22nd October.

The Y9 Student Leaders and the student CASE Representatives will also be organising a range of activities and assemblies to promote kindness during the week. There will be a non uniform day on Friday November 9th to raise funds for Impact HK. Students will be asked to donate $20 for the privilege of not wearing their uniform.

Of course, we don’t just want students to confine kindness to one week. We want them to demonstrate positive qualities at all times in the wider community, as well as at school. The Middle School motto is‘Responsibility and Kindness’.  We regularly reinforce our values at assemblies, through the pastoral programme and throughout the curriculum. We hope that by encouraging students to be kinder and to engage in service learning opportunities this will strengthen relationships and make a big difference in ensuring a supportive culture at school.

Thank you for supporting this initiative.

Kind regards,

Lucie Purves

Head of Middle School