11 Oct 2018

Enrichment Opportunities for Students 2018/19

Dear Parents and Guardians,

At Sha Tin College, we encourage all learners to achieve their potential and pursue a range of interests. Curriculum leaders and classroom teachers develop differentiated schemes of work and lesson plans to provide stimulating curricula, catering to all learners. We use both subject achievement indicators, through teacher recommendation, and objective measures, through standardised assessment data, to identify students who are achieving and functioning at higher levels than expected for their age group.

We acknowledge that we serve a significant number of gifted and talented students; therefore, we facilitate fulfillment of their potential by providing different opportunities for them to explore and extend their skills both inside and outside of school.

Within the school, we offer a plethora of extracurricular and CAS activities; our students can participate in several competitions related to sports, academics and performing arts. Please regularly peruse the school website to know about the different competitions during the course of the year.

Outside of school, several agencies offer a wide range of courses. Here below, I have outlined some of the many opportunities that exist in Hong Kong and beyond.



The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) are a non- governmental organisation providing support to all gifted students aged 10-18 and their parents across Hong Kong. They are currently advertising courses for this term. For further details, please visit their website or use the links below:





Program for the Gifted & Talented ( PGT), Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

PGT regularly organizes the Spring, Summer and Winter programmes for gifted and talented students from Y3 to Y13. The courses offered in these programmes are specially designed to provide highly challenging out-of-school learning opportunities which will enable them to explore and develop their potential in an enriched learning environment.

For details and application, please visit the website for their upcoming winter programmes:



The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology( HKUST), Gifted Education Development Centre

The Centre is committed to providing professional and comprehensive gifted programmes for students from Hong Kong since 2010. The objective is to foster the full development of gifted students by providing long-term and diversified gifted programmes. For details and applications, please visit their website:



John Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth

With its headquarters in the US, but with international branches, The Johns Hopkins University Centre for Talented Youth aims to identify and develop the talents of the advanced learners worldwid:


CTY is hosting an upcoming information session at Sha Tin Junior School on 25th October, 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This is merely to help you, as parents, get easier access to first-hand information regarding the courses available through their programmes. Click here to sign up for the upcoming session at SJS.


Stanford University – Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY)

Again based in the US but with international outreach, Stanford University’s EPGY aims to develop computer based courses in Maths, Physics, English, Computer Programming and other subjects. For further details, please visit their website or use the links below:





It is based in the UK with branches in Hong Kong and aims to build a collaborative bridge between the academic and professional worlds and to ensure that the next generation of talent is given valuable exposure to professional life at an early stage. They offer programmes for budding engineers, doctors, lawyers, bankers etc. Please visit their site for further details. https://investineducation.co.uk


If you have any questions regarding these programmes, please email me ontewarn1@stconline.edu.hk.


Yours sincerely,

Nandita Tewari

Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Sha Tin College