29 Oct 2015

(I)GCSE Exams Results for Sha Tin College 2015


The (I)GCSE results from May 2015 are excellent and reflect the hard work of students to perform at their best academically. When compared to other schools internationally and within ESF we have achieved at the highest levels and staff and students deserve congratulations for maintaining this incredible level of performance consistently over the past six years. This highlights the supportive learning environment at Sha Tin College where all students are encouraged and feel motivated to achieve at a very high standard. Although the proportion of A and A* grades is down slightly on last year’s cohort, the results for the year are at or above average for results since 2009 and the value added for this Year 11 cohort was much higher than last year (meaning that they performed significantly in excess of their predicted grade levels). The students also maintained the same level of value added as the 2014, meaning that they exceeded expected performance to the same high level as the previous cohort. This May 2015 performance is incredible when you note that 60.8% of results were at an A or A* and 83.1% were a B grade or higher. This means that four out of every five exams sat by Year 11 students from Sha Tin College were awarded a B or higher grade.

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