28 Mar 2022

IBDP Virtual Art Exhibition

Celebrating the incredible Artworks created by our 9 IBDP Visual Arts students, we bring you a virtual experience to view from the comfort and safety of your own home. Students this year explored such themes as Nostalgia, Passion & Fantasy in a variety of media.

In these most difficult times, students have continued to dig deep and show incredible resilience and create outstanding artworks that reflect true passion and talent. We are so incredibly proud of their achievement and indeed outstanding creativity shown. With great hope, on return to face to face learning, we wish to present and celebrate the success alongside our school community with an Arts Exhibition.

Until then, please see the individual digital Art Exhibitions below. For a virtual tour, please use the following link;  https://www.artsteps.com/view/622030a5f63c5fbca43c817e

A huge congratulations to our artists; Alicia Corredor Cabana, Camellia Kendrick, Jennessa Liu, Kwok Yin Liu, Sarah Thomas, Gigi Tsim, Elisabeth Wong, Abigail Yau & Talia Yeung.