28 Mar 2022

Five Ways to Wellbeing: Take Notice

We’re fortunate to be part of a school eco-system that connects us to a wider community and to opportunities for taking notice of the beauty that life has to offer. This month’s DP Art Exhibition, Young Musician’s Festival and launch of The Voice magazine could not have been better timed for their impact on our community’s wellbeing. The Arts have transcendent powers for all, no matter how we interact with them – as creators, consumers or commenters. Immersion in the creative arts can prompt deep personal reflection, as well as make us ever more aware of our connection to people, ideas and sentiments beyond ourselves, reminding us that we are indeed part of something much much bigger.

Taking notice then is a pathway to many experiences that can soothe, lift and inspire us. Whichever form of the arts might suit your fancy, there are myriad opportunities to engage digitally with creative work across the globe. Below I share my personal picks of STC’s creative offerings this month, as well as some avenues for taking notice of beauty in the larger communities to which we belong.

DP Art student’s Gigi Tsim’s ‘May in October’ is a compelling piece. As I look into her grandmother’s eyes, I cannot help but think that I have looked into these eyes before. The expanse, the calm, the love they hold are so familiar, and reassuring. Closing my own eyes to soak in Emma Paryani’s Young Musician Festival performance of the 3rd movement of Weniawski’s concerto No. 2, I am transported just as easily as if I were sitting in the auditorium of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. It is a stunning combination of grace and strength. In The Voice, Sylvia Chan seems to illuminate a collective memory with her opening line of ‘Don’t They Know It’s the End of the World’: “He asks neither for broader shoulders nor a lighter burden”. She captures the thin line between resolve and apathy with precision belying her youth.

With your appetite whet from this month’s offerings from our students, do continue to take advantage of opportunities for awe, wonder, and reflection. The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC is now accessible anytime, anywhere, with experiences ranging from photo exhibits of the Harlem Renaissance to guided meditations. The Hong Kong Museum of Art is not to be outdone – their films offer immersive experiences that seem to defy space and time. Wherever you are, however long your day, 5 minutes of taking creative notice is guaranteed to give you a wellbeing boost. Enjoy!


Dionne Lashley
Vice-Principal, Guidance & Wellbeing