14 Dec 2020

House Update

The programme of House events has looked very different this term!  Due to online school and social distancing many of our planned House events were unable to take place.  However, due to the creative thinking of many staff and students we have had a number of new events take place.  Those events/competitions were: 

  • PE Bingo
  • i-Naturalist – Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge (Read more…)

  • Christmas Corners
  • Sports Day (this was taking place in PE lessons)

The student participation in all of these events has been fantastic and the House Spirit has not been dampened.  Well done and thank you to everyone who has taken part in House events this year.  We will be announcing a House point update at the start of next term.

This term we have also been through the application/interview process for the Year 12’s to become our new student leaders.  As always, the caliber of applicants was excellent and the Year 12 team and Year 13 Student Leaders had a difficult task ahead of them.  Congratulations to the following students who were appointed to the roles.

Our Year 13 Student Leaders had a really difficult job throughout 2020 but we have been so impressed at their leadership skills, their constant enthusiasm and their adaptability.  Thank you, Year 13 SL’s!