10 Dec 2020

Big Stories in Small spaces updates

Merry Christmas from the Academy!

We have had a great first week of Three Word Stories, please enjoy the compilation of stories and a piece of journalism by Grace Chung from Year 7 below.

Grace Chung, 7X2

“She kept trying” – This 3 word story briefly describes the spirit of perseverance. In my opinion, it is about a girl who kept on trying and never gave up until she could do it. The reason why I chose to write about this is because it is very motivational and teaches a great moral about perseverance. This 3-word-story is creative, unique, and inspiring as others can learn from it and have a more positive mindset towards trying again after difficulties.


All other entries:

“A Treasure Within”
Always the end
Amber Fire? Bug!
Baubles, bangles, beads
Bears Butterflies buttercups
Believe in Yourself
Beware of Kelpies
Black Heart Mystery
Caffeine? caffeine! Life.
Capture Take Win
Civilised Barbarous Committed
clock, loop, millennium
Corgis, Chocolate, Coronations
Couple Garden Apple
Crisis creates opportunity
danza, cucina, pizza
Dream Death awake
Everything has meaning
Fairy Tales Behind
Food doodler relax
Friends Not Enemies
Grey mist descends
Happily Ever After
Hardworking enjoyment leisure
Here’s my story
Ho, ho, ho
Hope Leaped Up
Hypothetical theoretical theories
I don’t care
I don’t know
Industry infrastructure innovation
Just be nice
Life Death After
Life is Blank
Life is hard
Lincoln Vampire Hunters
Love is Kind
Me, you, us
Métro, boulot, dodo…
Miserable, Lover, Boy
Naitre, rester, mourir
Never ever after
Never Give Up
No more Homework
Not another lockdown!
Octopus Doot Train
Pain, Suffering, Power
Phagocytes Phagocytosing Covid 19
Plans a stanza
Read, Read, Red
Rest in Peace
River Cloud Rain
Sane as I
School time oozes
Screaming earthquake Destroying
Semper memento mori
She kept trying
Snow silences sinners
Surge energy rush
The end 2020
The end begins
The one way road
The Pirate Game
Things will change
This feels right
Tis the season
Together with me
True Fake Smiles
Vita Mores delectia
Wake Your Dreams
Washington, Abraham, Jefferson.
We are thinking
Wear a mask
Where’s Roger Rabbit?
Words have power
You got this