12 Jan 2023

HKAPA Work Experience Day – December 2022


Jeanne Chan (12D1) and Yannie Wong (12G2) went to The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) for a one day work experience opportunity on 22nd December 2022. They participated in different workshops and had an opportunity to learn how to make props and apply makeup to actors. They both enjoyed this experience as it helped them understand more about their interest and learn something new in the theatre field.

Jeanne CHAN (12D1)
This work experience day allowed me to gain a deeper understanding on different aspects of theatre and how they work in a real life situation. The instructors at HKAPA were all experts in their own areas, often offering insightful suggestions and enlightening us regarding their expertise. When watching the technical rehearsal, I started to understand that on the surface, it may seem like there hasn’t been much work or effort put into some parts of theatrical aspects. However, in reality, behind every theatrical production, there is a whole group of individuals collectively working together to put together a performance. To me, that is what makes a good show.

Yannie WONG (12G2)
I believe that the course allowed me to further understand my own personal interests. I found myself enjoying the course more than I thought I would have, I got to work first hand with materials such as SFX makeup and sculpting as well as learn from different experts at HKAPA. Thus opening myself up to experiences I would not regularly have, and further enlightening my passion.