23 Mar 2021

Health & Safety: Mask Wearing

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

While we are delighted to have all students back in school, clearly the need to rigorously maintain social distancing measures and mask-wearing is as important as ever.

With increased numbers on campus, coupled with the need to provide opportunities for students to eat a snack, we must be extra-vigilant with mask-wearing.

Students and parents/guardians are reminded that students can only bring bite-sized, easy-to-manage snacks to school. These snacks should not require cutlery to be eaten. Ideally students can pop the snacks into their mouth by pulling their mask briefly away from their face rather than removing their mask completely.  Students should sanitise their hands immediately when their snack is finished. All indoor dining facilities are closed so students are eating their snack outdoors in well-ventilated spaces.

We would ask all families to discuss at home the need for continued vigilance about mask-wearing so that students are aware of what they need to do. Equally tutors and Heads of Year will be reminding students in assemblies. Duty teachers are actively monitoring and reminding students about mask-wearing during breaks. Our approach is that staff will remind students of our expectations, however it is the students themselves who take responsibility for their own health and safety and by extension that of the rest of the community.

I know our whole community will continue to work together to keep everyone safe.

Kind regards.

Carol Larkin