30 Nov 2017

Emperor Penguin Awards 2017

The annual STC Emperor Penguin Awards took place on the 29th of November, in which students from years 7-8 with outstanding performance as a member of the school community were invited to join the event.

Out of hundreds of students in both year groups, the following students were nominated:

Ana Corredor Cabana, Ayumi Oshima, Mayumi Murch, and Meagan Lo, 7D1

Charlie Jeynes, Eugenie Tang, Heather MComie, and Kayla Power, 7D2

Ken Sotooka and Shirin Bakuly, 7G1

Josephine Chung, 7G2

Adelaide Wong, Danny Thomas, Tara Liu and Marvin Chan, 7P1

Douglas Wong, Katie Niermeier, and Shaun Chan, 7P2

Chloe Chow, Daniel Dobson, Massimo Di Giulio, and Sigrid Poon, 7X1

Peony Sham, Jamie Ng, and Grace Lui, 7X2

Victoria Biffen and Piper Hubbard, 8D1

Amber Yeung and Ethena Tang, 8D2

Anise Wong and Denese Lin, 8G1

Erica Leung and Matthew Martin, 8G2

Ian Lau and Shin Hang Chu, 8P1

Stephanie Ip, Ching Lam Leung, and Georgiana Watt, 8P2

Jeanie Yip and Anneke Yu, 8X1

Jayden Chu and Celine Pretorius, 8X2

Each nominee was awarded a certificate for their achievements by Ms. Purves and Ms. Larkin and were also treated to a pizza party.

“I was nominated for being cheerful and helpful towards my friends,” said Anneke Yu from 8X1. “and I’m really proud of myself for being nominated 14 times!”

Another nominee, Sigrid Poon from 7X1, said: “I received 8 nominations for my leadership skills and I’m really overwhelmed but happy!”

Congratulations to the nominees – we hope they grow up to continue to be role models for the younger students. Special thanks to Ms Purves for organising the event!


Samantha Lam, 12X1