13 Dec 2017

Above and Beyond Awards 2017

With over 172 nominations, only 47 students were shortlisted to receive the Above and Beyond commendations. Each term, some of the most talented students in the middle school are nominated for awards celebrating their achievements and high level of commitment to activities both in and out of school.

The first Above and Beyond award ceremony of the year took place on the 12th of December. This time, instead of being recognised for particular aspects of achievement like in the previous ceremonies, the awards took a slightly different approach, and students were nominated for all forms of achievement, be it creativity, action, social conscience, or all three.

Mr O’Leary opened the ceremony by congratulating the selected students one by one for their achievements and presenting the awards, before handing over to the principal, Ms Larkin, for her speech.

“You are already on the road to the success I know you respect and admire in other students,” Ms Larkin commented. “I applaud you and congratulate you on all you have done so far because this is what makes real character and genuine education. The grades come on top of it, but more fundamental than everything else is what you do that makes a difference today.”

“To be nominated and be chosen for the overall consideration award is truly an honour to me,” said Yee Hang Lau, 11G1, one of the students who received the award for overall consideration regarding his committed attitude towards his achievements as a member of the Hong Kong fencing team, as well as being an inter-school fencing champion. “I’m grateful to all who have taken me into consideration for this award.”

Quincy Leung from 9X1, Kate Parry from 10G1, and Ellen Thomas, 11P2, also received the award for overall consideration.

Congratulations to all the students who received an Above and Beyond award!

Emily Wong (11G2)