21 Jun 2023

Class of 2023 Graduation Ball

The night of the 2nd of June was a night of triumphant celebration; various members of the school community witnessed Year 13 students bounding across their final STC threshold in their long awaited graduation ball ceremony. The sparkling occasion, organised by the Year 12 prom committee, took place at the Kerry Hotel. The hotel served the guests panoramic stellar views of the Victoria Harbour, a homologue to the ceremony theme, ‘Starry Night’. During the ceremony, the senior students cheered for their fellow classmates and friends, many of whom received ‘superlative’ prizes; such awards included ‘Biggest Gossiper’, ‘Most Creative’, ‘Best Duo’, which were voted for by the students and were awarded by various members of the teaching faculty. The night advanced with several moving musical performances given to the audience from a variety of Year 13 students. These included band ensembles, singing and dancing.

“Prom night was so fun. It was amazing seeing everyone dressed up and celebrating together”, said Mandy So (13D2). “I was so glad to have a chance to see our year group and teachers together again”, said Cherry Chu (13G2). “It was heartwarming and slightly sad at the same time. I hope the graduation ball isn’t the last chance for us all to see each other.”

Indeed, the familiarity in which students feel amongst their peers and teachers in a comforting everyday environment has allowed many to view STC and the members of its community as their second home. The graduation ball ceremony was not a chance to say goodbye; instead, it was a poignant memory for all, an occasion that served as a conclusion for the strenuous yet rewarding 13-year journey STC students had partaken in and completed.

A big thank you to Ms Parry, Ms Law, and the Year 12 prom committee for organising and conducting the graduation ball ceremony. None of this could have happened without you!

Written by Grace Yeung (13D2)