26 Jun 2023

be/longing with Hayley Tsang, Year 7

The six-part workshop series – “be/longing x STC” – concluded with an exhibition in our new Ground Floor Multipurpose space. Students showcased their explorations through combinations of photography, poetry, visual art, live and recorded music. Below, Year 7 student Hayley Tsang shares her personal reflections.

What does the word “belonging” mean to you?
The word “belonging” to me means the feeling of where or how and what that I belong to or belong to me. I can belong to Hong Kong, I can belong to Sha Tin College, I can belong to the world, I can belong to anywhere. That place or thing or person belongs to me, and it does vary over time. This is me, and I can lead myself to wherever, whenever I want. It’s my choice, not other peoples’.

Why does belonging matter?
It is a part of our life and identity, and they matter. Understanding and learning about ourselves more, knowing where and what we belong to, understanding more about our identity, appreciating and caring for ourselves.

What gives you a personal sense of belonging?
Feeling comfortable, happy, being fit in, my emotions, or the way I am give me a sense of belonging. Although these may happen in the first few weeks, they change all the time. It gives me a thought, “where do I really belong?”, I get frustrated and confused, and, really there isn’t an answer to it, you just have to feel like it, whether it does, or it doesn’t. Most importantly, understanding and caring for yourself, being given the freedom to make choices, that’s all that matters.

How can we create a sense of belonging for others in the community?
Being open-minded, friendly, welcoming, generous, sharing our own personal stories, using artworks or pictures or writings to show the sense of belonging to you. Talk to someone about it, how meaningful it is to participate, sharing our thoughts to the world and including them. Making posters, making people get involved in these activities, trying a different hobby, making new friends, enjoying our life. Increase the awareness of this and bring harmony, joy, peace and a sense of “Belonging” to the world.”