28 Apr 2023

Class of 2022 Sharing – Yuet Ming Lau (University of California, Davis (UC Davis), the US)




What is your name?
Yuet Ming Lau

Where are you studying?
University of California, Davis (UC Davis) in the United States

What is your major?
Food Science. Food Science focuses on how to develop food that is safer, healthier and more appealing to feed the wider population. In combining food chemistry, nutrition, processing, analysis and much more, this major opens up a realm of career possibilities in the food industry, be it on an experimental, analytical, or executive level.

How do you describe your University?
I like Davis for being convenient to travel by bike, which lets me traverse its campus with ease. Although UC Davis offers a plethora of majors, it especially excels in the agricultural, natural or environmental sciences. The campus is also quite scenic, which is nice to walk around when you need a breather. Overall, Davis makes for a welcoming environment where you don’t have to look far to find more.

What is the happiest experience in your first year?
One quality of Davis I can definitely attest to is its tight-knit environment. In sharing my interests with others, no matter how niche, I’ve actually found more common ground with people, which leads me in finding rapport and making friends. The communal spaces in the residence halls allow for people to meet and get to know each other better, helped by numerous social events over the course of the year. Through these means, I’ve not only felt more involved as part of a community but also in reaching out to people and creating close connections with those who reach back.

What is your top tip/advice that you will give to Sha Tin College students on their Higher Education?
International admissions make for tough competition, even if you’ve got everything — grades, extracurriculars, experience and all —- in your favour. Early Action submissions (where possible) help your chances, so aim for the EA deadlines if you can! For the same reasons, if you’re an international applicant I recommend applying to a school in HK that you’d also be content with.