28 Apr 2023

Class of 2022 Sharing – Sophia Li (University of Cambridge, the UK)



What is your name?
Sophia Li

Where are you studying?
University of Cambridge in the UK

What is your major?
Mathematics BA

How do you describe your University?
Cambridge is a wonderful place full of like-minded peers and knowledgeable mentors who encourage each other to inquire deeply about the subjects they are passionate about. It is also a place to meet people with very different backgrounds and ideas; a place that challenges you to think outside of the box and explore new perspectives.

What is the happiest experience in your first year?
Other than the feeling of victory when finally solving a Maths problem after battling with it for hours or days, my happiest experiences at Cambridge so far have been times spent with new friends. The joy of exchanging mathematical banter with peers who understand and appreciate it as much as I do is unparalleled.

What is your top tip/advice that you will give to Sha Tin College students on their Higher Education?
My best advice is a bit of a cliche: work smart, not hard. If you’ve figured out what subject you want to pursue, try to make your CAS project/experiences subject-relevant so that you can reference them in your HE applications/interviews. Also, try to make them as much fun as possible; ideally, doing what you love shouldn’t feel like work! For example, I founded a Maths Olympiad activity at school and also taught Maths to underprivileged children.