24 Feb 2022

Class of 2021 Sharing – Kate Parry


Hello!  I’m Kate. I studied the IBCP programme at STC and then went on to study Interior Design at the University of Salford

I think the biggest challenge I faced was starting at university in general. I don’t know many people who would describe their first week at university as easy. I missed the comfort of my room at home, knowing how everything worked and hadn’t truly had to meet and make so many new friends since practically year 7. Culture shock had a lot to deal with as well – if you are going to study overseas, do not underestimate the intensity of culture shock. People are going to have massively different backgrounds to you : experiences, opinions, languages and attitudes, and at times it can be a little isolating when everyone else seems to know what is going on but you don’t.

In saying that, once the scary part of meeting with new people is over, the chances are you’re going to meet people that you would want in your life for a long time coming. I think the thing I am most grateful for is the people I’ve met and the person I have been able to become around them since coming to the University. University is a place where there is an opportunity to take more control over what sort of person you want to be, and a chance at a clean slate to take on an identity you might not have felt able to before.

If you’re starting to apply for university, read wide on your course and interests. Even if the course you pick isn’t that commonly known, or the university is brand new to you, you should pick a right course because it is the one that makes you excited to continue studying. Of course be aware of the quality of the course and how it is ranked but do not make those as your deciding factors. I would never have come to Salford if I had based my decision on rankings and name and now I would never dream of studying anywhere else.