24 Feb 2022

Class of 2021 Sharing – Bryson LO


Hello, my name is Bryson, and am currently a first-year computer science student at the University of Toronto. One of the biggest challenges I found myself facing when transitioning from high school to university was time management. While IB gives you many deadlines for tasks and assignments, forcing you to have some work done along the way, the university takes on a more hands-free approach and allows you to organize your own time, often resulting in last-minute all-nighters for unlucky procrastinators like myself.

However, the University of Toronto is not all doom and gloom, you will likely meet many fun and interesting new people from around the world, through which you will be able to learn about their drastically different backgrounds while also connecting with them over your similar high school experiences. Finally, in terms of my university experience so far, if Canada becomes your destination, I think it will be likely that many of you will feel homesick, missing the HK food, the above zero celsius winters, and the wonderful convenience of the MTR. One last piece of advice would be to not stress about getting into your favourite university because doing so is not going to get you in. Best of luck with exams and your future university applications!