5 Mar 2016

Book Week 2016

Book Week is an annual occasion that encourages students and teachers alike to cultivate a love for reading within a technology-driven culture. From February 29 to March 4, students from all years took part in a multitude of exciting events; amongst many other activities, younger students enjoyed designing their own book-themed t-shirts in English and Design & Technology lessons, while older students engaged in an intellectually stimulating teacher-led debate.

This year, the theme of Book Week was ‘Identity’, inspired by well-known books such as ‘Charlotte’s Web’, and ‘The Breadwinner’. It prompted introspection amongst students, and provided budding philosophers with some food for thought.

IMG_1390Y7 students try out spine labelling for the first time. Photo: Mimi Lam

The house spirit was ignited in the inter-house book quiz, where the best among the best of readers were pitted against one another in a heated competition, each house displaying their extensive knowledge on a wide variety of popular book series, such as ‘Percy Jackson’, ‘Harry Potter’, and ‘The Maze Runner’.

One event that was very well received by students and teachers was ‘Drop Everything And Read’, in which all students had to put down everything (hence the name) regardless of what they were doing, pick up a book, and start reading for 15 minutes in the middle of the day. This took place on the second last day of Book Week, and involved students from all years – even the teachers, who embraced the activity’s eccentricity with enthusiasm.

Copy of IMG_8588

Students literally ‘Drop Everything And Read’. Photo: Tristan Chau

Another memorable activity was non-uniform Book day, where students dressed up as their favourite book characters. This was a chance for them to express their creativity and interpretation of the novel. Several popular costumes included Harry Potter, Tris Prior from ‘Divergent’, and Katniss Everdeen from ‘The Hunger Games’.

“I look forward to Book Week every year,” commented Qino Truscott of 11D2. “I get to share my favourite books with my friends and teachers.”

“The activities this week were amazing,” enthused Maisha Eyeington of 7G1. “I didn’t know Book Week would be so much fun!”

Special acknowledgements to the English department and the PTSA for supporting the event, and special thanks to Ms. Tandy and Ms. Hansen who worked tirelessly to organise the event and for making this year’s Book Week so memorable!

Owen Chong, 11X2