27 Mar 2018

Appeal on Behalf of Christian Action for Refugees in Hong Kong

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Our students are encouraged to see themselves as part of a wider community and engage in issues of global importance. To launch our campaign this year we invited, Aime, the Community Outreach Coordinator of the Hong Kong Christian Action Refugee Centre, to speak at our Middle School Assemblies. Aime talked about what it means to seek refugee status in Hong Kong, the difficulties facing families here and how we can offer help by donating common living objects, utensils and clothing.
We are aiming to provide an impactful amount of household basics for refugees in Hong Kong and so are requesting specific items as below:
  1. Clothes – new or used but in good and clean condition. Appropriate for any age (children to adults).
  2. Cosmetics (new and wrapped): toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and soap.
  3. Electric fans (new or second hand).
  4. Rice cookers (new or second hand).
  5. Second hand laptops and other devices. We are able to completely ‘clean’ these on your behalf.
  6. Kettles
If you wish to learn more about the charity further information is available at their website:http://www.christian-action.org.hk/index.php/our-programs/in-hong-kong/refugees
To allow students and staff to organise and transfer the donated goods to the Christian Action Refugee Centre in Chung King Mansions, the deadline for all donations is Monday, April 30th 2018. All donations need to be brought to the Middle School Office, room 321.
This is a really worthwhile organisation who, in partnership with the Sha Tin College community, is able to make a positive impact on the lives of the refugees in Hong Kong.
Kind regards,
Greg Thornton                            Lee O’Leary
Vice Principal                              Head of Middle School