2 Jun 2023

A Night of Glitz and Glamour: Year 11 Prom

The highly anticipated Year 11 prom of 2023 finally came to life! With the event taking place on April 20th at Hotel Icon; students dressed in smart suits and elegant dresses arrived at the entrance. With the theme being ‘Old Hollywood’, students adorned slick hairstyles, reminiscing the old Hollywood period.

The event – planned and held by the Prom Committee – was highly equipped, with a snazzy photo booth and backdrops for students to take photos; sporting props, and striking glamorous yet goofy poses. In addition, the hotel provided exceptional food with a variety of dishes being provided for all to enjoy. The delicious buffet had food ranging from lamb chops to lavish desserts, complete with a variety of ice-cream flavors.

To kickstart the night, a series of musical performances were performed by the Year 11 students. From a touching duet of ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin to a band performance of Taylor Swift’s, ‘You Belong With Me’, the atmosphere was lively and energetic. Prom videos were also showcased during the evening, with each tutor group collectively creating a video. Some played out memories, while others were parodies of movie trailers and music videos.

Lastly, ‘Most Likely’ awards were given in different categories, a few categories being ‘most likely to be forever friends’, ‘most likely to be late for exams’, and much more. The results were polled through the Year 11 students voting, with lots of cheering and applause. Of course, the night would only have been complete with a run on the dance floor. Many swayed to the beat of the music, and a limbo challenge and dance battle between friends were even introduced. Finally, the night ended with a romantic slow dance between couples before the event came to a successful conclusion.

Many deemed the night as highly successful with Joshua Liu (11P1) exclaiming, “It was phenomenal. This was a great final opportunity to be able to gather with friends one last time before we truly enter the exam season”. Lauren Cheng (11D1) further elaborated; enthusiastically saying, “It was perfect, [it was] honestly everything I ever wanted”.
Special thanks to the Prom Committee for the hard work put into hosting this fantastic event, and the best of luck goes out to the Year 11 students currently completing their exams!

Written by: Jia Yun Yue (11X2)
Edited by: Hannah Wong (11D2)