18 Apr 2019

‘A Day @ Medical School’ at the University of Hong Kong


During the Easter holidays, several Year 12 students had the opportunity to sit in HKU’s MBBS Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Tutorial in order to get a taste of the learning style in the MBBS programme. They all found it to be a great experience and was very helpful in reviewing their Higher Education plans. See what the participants have said below.

Sanjali Ahuja, 12G1

Throughout this tutorial we engaged in a relatively modern style of learning – Problem Based Learning (PBL). PBL is an educational method that allows students to learn about medicine through dealing with real-life medical situations and case studies. We had the chance to sit in and observe a Year 1 HKU medical PBL class.

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Rachel Fan, 12G1

From this tutorial, I was able to experience firsthand what a lesson at medical school was really like.

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Hafsa Kabeer, 12D2

It was incredibly insightful and incorporated a more personal outlook, reinforcing the importance of good communication, clear understanding and an approachable relationship between the patient and the doctor.


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Yoyo Lee, 12P1

This experience was rather unique and eye-opening, allowing us to understand that the purpose of pursuing the medical path is for our interest and passion, but more importantly, to become a doctor that can serve our community well.


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Tiffany Leung, 12X1

Through this experience, I learnt that being doctor is not only about saving lives, but also about being thoughtful to the patients and helping them return to their normal lives.


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Jacqueline Ng, 12G2

The part of most interest to me was when we discussed the ethical issues involved in medical practice and the psycho-social implications of patients with chronic diseases.    


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Mira Samtani, 12G1

We were introduced to Problem Based Learning (PBL) by a group of 1st year Medical students at HKU. I found this taster session to be very interesting and informative.


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Rachel Yue, 12D2

What interested me the most was about the organ donation system, and having a discussion on the pros and cons of having a monetary rewards system for organ donation, and the discussion between the students were unlike what I expected.  


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