19 Apr 2019

2019 Hong Kong Aviation Management Programme


On 18th and 19th April, a selection of Year 12 students attended the Hong Kong Aviation Management Programme organized by UNESCO Hong Kong Association, the School of Aviation UNSW (Australia) and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The objective of this programme is to let participants gain a basic knowledge of the industry’s operation and management issues, as well as some aviation theories. Our students were also able to learn more about the aviation industry as well as career opportunities available within the industry from this two-day programme.

Anson Chan, 12G2


I think that attending the Aviation Management Programme has allowed me to further confirm and develop my passions towards aviation. The event was in a span of two days, and conducted by various lectures given by professors from the School of Aviation UNSW.


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Dexter Cheung, 12P2


Overall, this was a very rewarding course, as it not only reinforced the research others have conducted to be able to find their aspired career, but also significantly informs the listener about areas of the industry to be considered that may not have initially crossed their minds.


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Tiffany Chu, 12P1


I recommend this course to anyone who is interested or even curious towards a career in aviation as it detailed a lot of clear explanation to many commonly asked questions and speculations towards this industry.


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Tsz Hei Kwok, 12P1


I learnt that the aviation industry is much more than being a pilot and that there are many trends and economics involved as well.



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Ingrid Lee, 12P2


Throughout this two day course, I have learnt about many aspects within aviation management and flying management.



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