30 Apr 2016

Maths Week 2016

Maths Week took place from the 18th to the 22nd of April, involving activities such as the Cray Pots challenge, Dragon Maths and treasure hunts for students from Year 7 to Year 10 to allow them to see the fun in maths.

While most might associate maths with endless exercises and boredom, Maths Week offered an alternative approach, leading to the ignition of a new passion for the subject in students. The various activities allowed students to become more confident in their mathematical abilities, in addition to developing their team work, perseverance, and creativity.

For the Year 7s, Maths Week meant playing the popular West Australian cray-fishing game: Cray Pots. The game focused on the mathematics of probability, with students placing ‘pots’ either in or out of shore and earning money depending on the weather of each ‘day’. Cray Pots not only built teamwork but helped students look at maths from a different perspective and apply their mathematical skills to real-life situations.

“I found it really interesting!” commented Hannah Edmunds of 7G2. “I learnt a lot about probability, a concept I found really hard to grasp in lessons.”


Students attempt the ‘Cray Pots’ Challenge. Photo: Man Lam Cheng, 10X1

The numerical capabilities of Year 8 students were put to the ultimate test by Ms. Bahtia’s challenge, which was based on ‘Great Grandma’s Will’. Students had to find out how an amount of money was distributed by using their knowledge of fractions, ratios, and percentages.

Another activity that was popular among all students was Dragon Maths. Dragon Maths was an activity that required both movement and thinking, providing students with the opportunity to test themselves both mentally as well as physically. “We’d normally be sitting in a classroom,” said Charmaine Tin of 9D1, “but because of Maths Week we got to use our bodies as well as our brains in a fun way.”

Students get their answers checked in ‘Dragon Maths’Photo: Tristan Chau

The treasure hunt was another one of the most anticipated events in Maths Week. Students formed teams of two or three and took turns finding mathematical puzzles hidden around the school. The activity was designed so that students could carry on to the next round only if their answer was correct, which pushed many students beyond their comfort zone.

“Maths Week was a really nice break from our busy schedules, and a fun opportunity to revise before our pre-mocks next month,” commented Sammie Lam 10P1. “There was a nice balance between fun and learning, which was quite refreshing!”

Thank you to the STC Maths Department for making Maths Week amazing and providing opportunities for students to engage with maths in a fun and memorable way!

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Isabella Young, 9D1; Clinton Chan, 10D1; Clement O’Young, 10G1; Melody Leung, 10X1