31 Mar 2022

Young Musicians Festival 2022

Young Musicians Festival at Sha Tin College was a phenomenal success this year with over 80 applications from a wide and diverse background. It was incredible to see so many applications and the ability of our students to be so creative. Their video-editing skills, especially for the ensemble videos, were incredibly clever. It was very difficult to come to a shortlist of applications to go towards the final but  the finalists and winners will be announced before the end of this term. 

If you would like to see them, they can be viewed on the following links for the solo and ensemble categories. Again these are :

Young Musician 7-9

Coen Li 8X2
Emma Wong 9X2
Andrew Fung 9D1
Cheviane Leung 7X1
Nicole Cheng 7P2


Young Musician 10-11

Ian Mak 10P2
Barbie Au 10G1
Emma Paryani 11X2
Nicole Lau 10G1
Alexander Zhou 10X1


Young Musician 12-13

Brian Ma 13G1
Ruby Mak 12X1
Nathan Mak 12G1



Young Musician Ensemble

Rie Du 12X2, Gabriel Barlier 12P1
Jasmine Tin 7P2 & Emma Shan 7P2
Kristie Lo 10G2, Barbie Au 10G1, Nicole Lau 10G1, Ian Mak 10P2
Kin Fung Li 11G2 Keisha Buckland 11G2 Ruby Wu 11G2 Arhan Kothari 11G2
Stefanie Leung 10X2, Scarlett Tam 10X2, Siena Thai 10D1, Barbie Au 10G2 Ilan Cheung 10P1 Jaden P’ng 10X2.

A big congratulations to all who took part. 

Mr Nicholson
Head of Music

Sha Tin College