10 Nov 2016

Young Musician’s Festival 2016

The finals for the Young Musician’s Festival this year was hosted by Mr Nicholson on the 8th of November. The competition was extremely fierce this year, with 18 finalists chosen out of the original 74 acts in the heats. From the warm tones of the piano to the exciting atmosphere of rock bands, this year’s competition displayed an extremely diverse range of musical talents and creativity.

Yin Wai Kwong from Year 9 emerged as the triumphant champion of 2016 Young Musician’s Festival, with his performance of “Piece en forme de Habanera” by Ravel. He clinched the ‘Young Musician of the Year’ award for his excellent clarinet playing as well as his “immense improvement over the course of a year.”

Yin Wai Kwong with the judges.

The honour of judging the musical pieces were given to Ms Swain and Mr Thornton from Sha Tin College, Ms Alex Carlile from King George V, and our former music teacher Mr Joseph Travers.

“This year’s Young Musician’s Festival included an impressive array of performances, for solo and group performers alike,” commented all-star pianist Michael Law, the winner of the 12 and 13 Solo category. “It’s an honour to win in my category, but congratulations to all performers for showcasing their talent! It’s clear that music will continue to be an integral part of school life in years to come.”

Cheriol Leung from Year 11 described the night as a “thrilling” experience. “As I sat in front of the piano with my duet partner that night, it was the most nervous but fulfilling moment of my life,” she remarked.


Jeffrey Yam, Alex Lee, Colleen Yuen, Michael Law, and Jeremy Liu performing a mashup
of ‘Surrender’ and ‘Until You Were Gone’.

For Colleen Yuen 13X2, the evening was one of her most memorable experiences. “Despite many challenges,” she said. “Through YMF I finally found my clarity.”

Even during the intervals, talented students continued to exhibit their musical artistry. Ching Ho Li from 13D2 and his band had the audience standing in a crowd around them through a hearty sing-along.

“For me, the intervals were all about having as much fun on stage as possible with all the other performers as well as the audience,” said Ching Ho. “This is my last year, and it was also the first time I’d ever gotten into the finals, so I’ll definitely be leaving school with a smile!”

Such an unforgettable evening wouldn’t have been possible without all the hard work that students and teachers put into this year’s YMF Finals. Special thanks go to Mr Nicholson and Ms Swain from our music department for organising this event!

Emily Wong, 10G2