14 Jun 2019

Year 9 Global Thinking Skills (GTS) – Service Learning Projects

In the last unit of GTS in year 9, we worked on a Service Learning Project about raising awareness about a global or local issue. Examples of topics included looking at poverty or food waste in Hong Kong, as well as shark-finning and eliminating worldwide hunger issues. Many groups took action on raising awareness about their topic. The ways of doing this include raising money for charity, inviting a guest speaker into assemblies, skyping professors and beach cleanups. Many groups collected donations around the school by asking teachers and students to help support their campaign.

This week we held an exhibition to present our work. Different groups had different ways of presenting; some created online presentations, some created Powtoons (animated presentations), and some created a large poster to pin onto a board. This occurred over two days: Tuesday 11th June and Wednesday 12th June, at lunchtime in the basketball court, the new SSC (Senior School Centre) and the library. Teachers and students alike came over to look at the different presentations. Our GTS teachers also came to assess each group and give feedback.

As a whole, the entire project was quite successful and we were pleased with the overall outcome. We learnt a lot about our topic (and others) and gained a great understanding of it. While working on the project, we felt that it was very enjoyable.

Amber, Audrey, Samantha, Zoe O. (9D1)


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