11 Jun 2015

Cooked to perfection


Members of the Year 8 food club hosted an afternoon tea for teachers and parents. They spent the afternoon of June 10th busily preparing an assortment of delightful snacks to serve at their formal afternoon tea. This was a brilliant opportunity for them to showcase their acquired skills over weeks of practice under the food technology teachers’ guidance.


Strawberry Mille-feuilles!  Photo: Heather Chui Y11

From strawberry Mille-feuilles to classic scones with raspberry conserve and clotted cream, the spread of bite-sized goodies were very impressive. “They exhibited excellent teamwork throughout the course of the activity,” said Ms Reed, who organised this event.


Scones right out the oven.  Photo: Heather Chui Y11

When asked to think of Y8s, the first thought is certainly not professionally-dressed young chefs cooking away in a kitchen. However, there is more than what meets the eye. The activity was not only a great introduction into the world of culinary arts, but also a great way to have fun.

“We’ve been working with ingredients we’ve never heard of before … it’s a lot of fun to experiment with them,” said Jasmine Wang of 8X1. “But the best part is still eating the final product!”

DSC_6151 (1) DSC_6147 DSC_6169
Year 8s hard at work!  Photos: Heather Chui Y11

It was certainly not only the students who enjoyed eating the products of their own talent – also those who attended their afternoon tea session. “They are very nicely presented.” Mr. Morgan said. “The ingredients are exquisite and you can certainly tell that there has been a lot of attention towards fine detail.”

Well done to all the participants of this session; the food was delicious and mouthwatering. A big thank you to Ms Reed for organising the activity, food technology teachers for their support and teachers and parents who attended the afternoon tea!

Martha Tin 10G2