20 Oct 2017

Year 7 Parents’ Consultation Evening bookings via Gateway

Year 7 Parents’ Consultation Evening bookings via Gateway
Dear Parents/Guardians,
You are invited to attend the Year 7  Parents’ Consultation on Thursday, 2nd  November 2017 where you will have the opportunity to meet and consult with teaching staff to discuss your son/daughter’s progress.
Beginning Wednesday, 25th October (at 12pm), you can make  appointments to see members of staff you would particularly like to meet via Gateway Parent Consultation module. You will be able to make appointments up until 12 pm on November 1st when the bookings will be closed. Please refer to the following link for instructions on how to do this:
Please note that this year consultations will be taking place in the classrooms along the third floor corridor, and the Senior School Centre.
There is a detailed floor plan attached to this letter which indicates the location of all subject teachers. Therefore, please use this as you are planning your appointments to ensure that there is sufficient movement time between teachers and locations. We recommend a minimum of five minutes between appointments.
Please Note: If your child has more than one teacher for a subject, you will only be able to book one of the teachers on Gateway. Please see a list below which indicates which teacher to make an appointment with according to your son/daughter’s class for these subjects.  The focus of this event is for subject teachers to provide you with feedback and so Year 7 tutors may not be available to meet with you on this occasion.
07EN101/ 07En104:Mr  Iain Melville (+ Mary Paciello)
07EN102: Ms Rachael Pegg
07EN103: Mr Carlos Ortega
07EN105 : Mr Joseph Koszary
07EN106 : Ms Caroline Wong
07EN107 : Ms Nouhad Aoukar
07EN108: Mr Carlos Ortega (+ Laurie Stein)
07MA101/07MA104: Ms Alicia Nabarro
07MA102: Mr Christian Baker (Mr Baker will be sitting in the Science Classroom 132 at the event)
07MA103/07MA107: Mr Mick Wilson
07MA105: Mr Bryan Coulton
07MA106: Mr Joanne Letters
07MA108: Mr Kim Yip
07SC101: Ms Mathilde Hazenberg
07SC102: Mr Michael Chiu
07SC103, 07SC104, 07SC108: Mr Ben Woods
07SC105: Mr Paul Drew
07SC106: Mr Bryan Coulton ( Mr Coulton will be sitting in the Maths classroom 232 at the event)
07SC107 Mr Christian Baker
Please see attached the floor plan as well as a more detailed seating chart for the event. This tells you where each teacher will be located as the event takes place in a variety of different rooms on the third floor of Sha Tin College.
You are advised to bring the confirmed appointment listing with you on 2nd November. This can be printed via Gateway.
The Gateway can be accessed at the link https://sc.tg.esf.edu.hk. If you have any difficulties logging in to or using  Gateway please email our support desk at gatewaysupport@shatincollege.edu.hk
We look forward to seeing you on the Thursday, 2nd  November.
Yours sincerely
Ms. Lucie Purves                 Ms. Ariana Findlay      Ms. Mathilde Hazenberg
Head of Lower School         Head of Year  7           Deputy Head of Year 7