17 Sep 2015

Year 7 New Classes


17th September, 2015
  Year 7 New Classes

Dear Year 7 Parents,
As mentioned at the recent Year 7 Parents’ Evening, we are shuffling some of the Year 7 English classes to enable us to best support those students who we feel would benefit from being in a slightly smaller class with an additional teacher for some of their lessons.
Two of our English classes, 07EN104 and 07EN108, will be slightly smaller and the students that will make up these classes are those students we have identified within the English Faculty as needing additional support with their English skills.  All of their lessons will be taught by an English teacher and some of their lessons will be co-taught with another teacher from the Learning Support Centre.  This, coupled with the fact that the classes will have no more than 15 students, will allow us to give the students in these two classes more individual support with their English studies.

The other six English classes will all be mixed ability.
Please be advised that although we do not envisage needing to move students again this year in terms of their English class, there may be circumstances whereby a student has made excellent progress in one of the smaller classes and we feel would benefit from being in one of the mainstream classes or we feel that a student in a mainstream class is struggling with a particular unit and may be moved into one of the smaller classes.  However, this will be the exception rather than the norm.
Students’ timetables are being changed on Gateway on Friday so could I ask you to remind your child to check their English timetable over the weekend as the new English classes will begin as from next Monday 21 September.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Many thanks and kind regards
Yours faithfully


Lindsay Tandy

Head of English Faculty 



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