19 Nov 2015

Year 7 Geography Field Trip: Monday 14th December & Tuesday 15th December 2015


19th November, 2015
 Dear Parents/Guardians,
As part of the Year 7 Geography course we will be taking all of the students out of school for a one day fieldtrip.  The students are studying Map Skills and the Local Area and their next topic is Rivers. The fieldtrip will take place along the Wu Kau Tang Country Trail and Bride’s Pool, practising their map work and navigational skills and investigating some river features.
Your son / daughter will be out of school on Monday 14th December (7D1, 7G1, 7P2 & 7X2) or Tuesday 15th December (7D2, 7G2, 7P1 & 7X1) with their Geography teacher.  They will be walking along footpaths in the hills for most of the day. The following points should be noted:
  • Students should arrive at school and ‘swipe in’ as normal. They will be back at school for the buses at 3.20pm.
  • School uniform is not required on the day. Shoes and clothing suitable for “hill walking” should be worn to school. A small rucksack/bag should be used to carry everything.
  • Study the weather forecast for the day and dress appropriately. A hat, sun cream, insect repellent or waterproofs may be needed, depending on the conditions.
  • A clipboard or sheet of stiff card is very useful for completing worksheets. Pens and pencils will be needed.
  • A camera could be brought to capture some of the features studied.
  • There are no shops on the walks so a packed lunch and plenty of water will be needed.
  • The cost of the trip has already been covered during registration at the beginning of the year.
Please complete and sign the Permission form and return to The Lower School Office by Thursday 26th November. If you have any queries concerning the fieldwork then please feel free to contact the Geography department.
Yours faithfully,
Jen Lederer, Karen Griffiths, Richard Overens



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