7 Jul 2015

Year 12 Reports

Dear Parents and Guardians
Your child’s report has now been updated.    Please open the Gateway https://gateway.esf.edu.hk, select the school name and login.  Choose ‘AR+R Report’ to view the report under ‘Report’ or ‘Printing’ tab.
Do please take a few minutes to discuss your child’s report with her/him.  We are confident that this will benefit learning and she/he will be proud to talk about experiences, plans for next year and personal growth.
If you have any questions or comments, here are the relevant email addresses:
Ms Alison Marshall: Head of Year 12: marshallam1@stconline.edu.hk
Ms Sian Lewis: Deputy Head of Year 12:  lewiss1@stconline.edu.hk
Ms. Jane Parry: Head of Senior School: parryj1@stconline.edu.hk
Ms Christine Rowlands: Vice Principal: rowlandscm1@stconline.edu.hk
With thanks for your on-going support and cooperation.
Christine Rowlands
Vice Principal