11 May 2017

Year 12 post exams revised schedule

Dear Year 12 Students, Parents and Guardians

The following is the revised plan for the remainder of the term, after the Year 12 examinations:

Wed 31/05
EE Day & EE reflection session* (rescheduled from 16/05)

Thur 01/06 Higher Education Day 1

Fri 02/06 Higher Education Day 2

Mon 05/06 Morning: Higher Education​​ Afternoon: TOK practise presentations

Thur 08/06 Normal lessons resume

Tues 20/06 TOK presentations* (rescheduled from 01/06)
*Please note that the EE reflection session carries up to 6% of the final marks, and the TOK presentations accounts for 33% of the final marks.

The revised plan will help to alleviate unnecessary pressures on our students and to ensure they are more prepared for the formal assessment of the EE reflection and TOK presentations.

If you have any questions relating to the above matters, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards
Paul Hoang
Vice Principal