17 Mar 2020

Year 12 Parent-Teacher Conferences

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you will likely be aware, the current extended period of suspended classes has also resulted in the missed opportunity for our scheduled Year 12 Parent-Teacher Conferences. These remain a valuable chance to meet and interact with your child’s individual subject teachers and as such we are keen to continue our commitment to providing the opportunity to make these conferences happen.

We would therefore like to invite you to take part in our first ever online Parent-Teacher Conferences. These will take place on Wednesday 25th March from 1pm-4pm, through Google Meet. Google Meet is an online video calling service which is being used successfully across Sha Tin College for the delivery of online lessons.

Please find instructions for booking your appointments through your SMART account here. The booking system will open at 8:00am on Wednesday 18th March and will close at 11:00pm on Sunday 22nd March.  If you need assistance in accessing your SMART account, please contact scsystem@stconline.edu.hk

Further details and links to your booked appointments will then follow next week once the booking system has closed. Parents are reminded at this point, that under no circumstances should these meetings be recorded without the permission of all parties.

We hope the afternoon proves a success and that you find it a useful opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their teachers.  We are looking forward to seeing you online.

Kind regards,

Mrs Kate Rogers
Vice Principal