21 Apr 2022

Year 12 CAS – TEDx

CAS stands for Creativity, Action, and Service, and it is one of three essential elements that every student must complete to receive the IB Diploma. While not formally assessed, CAS provides opportunities for students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through hands-on learning. 

One of the components of CAS is a ‘CAS Project’, a collaborative series of student-initiated CAS experiences over several months engaging students in one or more CAS strands (creativity, activity, and service). Following the five CAS stages of Investigation, Preparation, Demonstration, Action, and Reflection, students can explore their passions whilst challenging themselves to initiate purposeful action around defined goals. The following months will bring a series of interviews where the STC Media Team interviews different students around the school to highlight their CAS projects and initiatives. 

This week, TEDxYouth@STC, led by Macueta Liu and Samantha Lam, speaks to the STC Media Team about their CAS project. Macueta’s interest in TEDx emanates from her passion for thought-provoking discourse and ethical discussions, inspiring her to share the ideas of those who don’t have a voice. For Samantha, TEDx is one of the few CAS projects she has discovered that incorporates editing and filming into the final product, further incentivising her to join the CAS project.

Can you introduce TEDxYouth@STC? What is the purpose of your CAS project?

M: ​​TEDx was created in the spirit of TEDx’s overall mission to research and discover any “ideas worth spreading”. TEDx is a medium that will enable young people to have a voice in important issues prevalent in our society; I find it vital to give a platform for the youth to spread new perspectives and ideas often overlooked by societal dismissal.

We organised this event for individuals interested in discussing various ideas in society, with our TEDx events recorded and uploaded on Youtube for further viewing. We hope this event will give students a voice and spark a conversation on the topics that hold significance in our community.

What impact or outcome do you hope TEDxYouth@STC will have on the school community? 

S: We hope to achieve a space where students can comfortably share their perspectives. As we’ve mentioned, we hope that this event results in thought-provoking discussions over a wide range of topics concerning our theme this year. 

Are there any events planned to take place? 

M: We plan to host the TEDx event around the end of June. However, our plans may change due to the pandemic. Regardless, we hope to see all of you then! Keep an eye on your inbox for a TEDx event. 

Why did your team choose the theme ‘In the blink of an eye? What does that theme mean to you personally? 

M: I interpret this theme, ‘In the blink of an eye”, as depicting the hardships of growing up as a teenager. When you’re growing up, you feel like you are at the centre of everything, but the harshest reality is how you have to learn that you aren’t. You can’t control everything, and the only thing you can control is how others perceive you. However, this is just one interpretation of the theme – other people may interpret it entirely differently! 

What advice would you give to younger students who might be scared to share their ideas with the rest of the world?

M: Don’t be afraid! The rest of the world will never be ready enough for you to share your truth. Even if you are worried, it’s incredibly rewarding to speak up because your ideas are important and valuable to the new generation. TEDx@STC aims to put forth a platform for people to spread their voices.

Edited by Kadence Wong