16 Feb 2016

Year 11 Examination results and Option choice changes

16th February 2016
Year 11 Examination results and Option choice changes
Dear Parents/caregivers,
Year 11 students sat their mock examinations prior to Chinese New Year and are receiving their results in class this week. Teaching staff will be going through the exams with students and help make sure that they make the most of this practice exam session prior to the final examinations in April.
Sometimes the student’s performance in subjects can influence the subject(s) they would like to study at an IB level. We are happy to accommodate these changes and will provide you with two opportunities to make any adjustments between now and the beginning of the academic year in 2016. They are:
  • The week immediately following the Easter break (this provides students the chance to think about the change fully and consult with teaching staff about their possible change)
  • Year 12 Induction week (the first week of next academic year). A day will be set aside to discuss the suitability of option choices with students.
During these points we will be able to make changes. If students wish to make a change after the Easter break they will need to come to Mrs May or Mr Ortega with the change request form completed (link to change request form).
Please note that this is a request to change and we will do all we can to accommodate it, however, I would like to remind you that the timetable structure has already been set. Any changes will be made subject to fitting in with the existing timetable and the availability of space in the class.
Kind regards
Greg Thornton                    Sian May                                  Carlos Ortega
Vice Principal                     Head of Middle School               Head of Year 11