7 Nov 2016

Year 10 Subject Progress Meetings: Subject Teacher and Students Only

Dear Parents,
We are writing to ensure that you are aware of the forthcoming Y10 subject progress meetings. The purpose of these meetings is for students to review their current progress in their IGCSE courses. The student is responsible for recording the meeting on this sheet, which has been provided to them.
The emphasis of this meeting is in developing student responsibility, independence and encourage students to take ownership of their own learning progress. As a result we will insist that the students make notes from the meetings and not the teacher. These meetings will take place during lesson time as negotiated by the student and subject teacher during the period from 14th November to 28th November 2016.
To further support this process students will have 1:1 meetings with their tutors during the week beginning 28th November. During these tutor meetings students will review their progress sheets and set targets for improvement for next term.
We would, of course, like you to speak with your son/ daughter during this period and we will be  encouraging all students to share their progress meeting reviews and targets with their parents.
Thank you in advance for your continued support.
Sian May                                                         Mary Paciello
Head of Middle School                                 Head of Year 10