20 May 2021

Year 10 Students – CEMS YELLIS Testing

Dear Parents and Guardians 

At Sha Tin College, our students regularly complete Cognitive Ability Tests through the UK based “CEMs” Suite.  We use these assessments to help us in providing support to guide your child towards achievable goals as they continue with their Secondary School education.  The assessments are designed to measure aptitude for learning, rather than current attainment and are composed of four areas; Vocabulary; Mathematics; Non Verbal; Skills.   

These assessments are normally completed at the beginning of the academic year, however, unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we were not able to complete these as normal in August / September of last year.  As the situation here in Hong Kong continues to stabilise, we are now in a position to complete these assessments.  

All students in Year 10, will be completing these assessments on Wednesday 26th May 12:40-1:30pm.  Students will be required to bring their laptop and a pencil.  No other equipment is required.  It is not expected that students complete any revision or preparation for these assessments. 

We have opted to hold these assessments after period 4 on Wednesday, as since this ordinarily is not a teaching period for students, it will mean no disruption to their regular lessons.  We therefore ask that students remain after the normal 12:35pm finish on the assessment date.  Students who take the school bus will need to find alternative arrangements for transport home on this day.  

You can find out more information about these assessments by going to https://www.cem.org/ If you have further questions please feel free to contact me. 

Kind regards, 

Kate Rogers 

Vice Principal – Teaching and Learning