28 Nov 2018

Y9 Options Process

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

I am writing to let you know about the Y9 IGCSE Options Programme. We have planned a number of events in order to guide the students in making their choices.

The formal options process will begin in January 2019 as follows:

Y9 Options Information Morning

On Wednesday 9th January Year 9 students will be off timetable during Periods 1 and 2 for an extended presentation led by Heads of Department. The presentation will inform students about each optional subjects’ IGCSE course. Students will receive full guidance to ensure they are able to make informed choices. The morning will also provide students with the opportunity to ask questions about the courses and choices available. During the morning, students will be given a detailed booklet titled “Year 10 Curriculum 2019-2021”  to help them understand this process in more depth. It would be extremely helpful if you could read this booklet and discuss the contents with your child.


Y9 Parent Consultations: Wednesday 16th January 4pm-6.30 

The focus of this evening is to discuss your child’s learning in Year 9 with the subject teachers. Parents who wish to make individual appointments to see our Higher Education Counsellors at Year 9 Parents’ Evening are welcome to do so. Our Higher Education Counsellors will also be available at the informal question and answer session on Wednesday 23rd January. The appointment booking system for the Y9 Parent Consultations will be available from 9th January 2019. We recommend that Y9 students attend the event with their parents.


Tutor-Student 1-1 discussions

During 21st-25th January Y9 students will have a scheduled 1-1 discussion with their tutor about their option choices.


Q & A Options Hour: Wednesday 23rd January 2.20-3.20

This will be an informal question and answer session for parents who would like further guidance. This will take place from 2.20-pm-3.20pm in room 237. The sign up for this will be emailed to parents in early January.

Please note that in the Curriculum brochure there will be a form to complete when your child decides their choices.  These choices will be entered into GATEWAY via an online sign up. The GATEWAY sign up will open on 10th January. The deadline for the options choices is January 29th 2019. Students will also receive guidance on the options process in their GTS lessons in January.

The options process in Year 9 is primarily intended to be a mechanism by which students are encouraged to reflect, evaluate possible pathways and learn how to make decisions in a supportive environment. The framework for the option choices has been designed to ensure that whatever curricular choices a student makes for Years 10 and 11, their studies will always be balanced, and act as excellent preparation for any further programme of study. It is therefore our strong recommendation that students opt for subjects that interest them and that they think they will enjoy over the next two years.

We hope that this staged approach will lead to informed and confident decision making and stimulate discussions between students, their parents and teachers.


Kind regards,

Lucie Purves                      Alison Marshall                      Sian Lewis

Head of Middle                 School Head of Year 9           Deputy Head of Year 9