7 Sep 2018

Y7 PRS Trail 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am writing to provide you with the details of the forthcoming Philosophy and Religious Studies Trail to three different religious places of worship in Hong Kong. All Year Seven students at Sha Tin College are completing an inquiry into whether religion is important in Hong Kong and so the purpose of the trip is to investigate the function of these places in the Hong Kong community. We hope that each place will also provide an introduction into the religion practiced there.  Please see the table below which shows which day each class will go on the Trail.

Monday 17th September

7.1 (7D1) 7.2 (7D2) 7.3 (7G1) 7.4 (7G2)

Tuesday 18th September

7.5 (7P1) 7.6 (7P2) 7.7 (7X1) 7.8 (7X2)

All students will get an opportunity to see inside St John’s Cathedral, Kowloon Mosque, and Tai Sin Temple.  Students will need to bring a pen to record notes and complete worksheets during each visit. The trip will be from periods 2 – 5 on each day so students will need to make sure that they have their books and resources for their period 1 class.

Students will be registered after period 1 on the basketball courts.   Buses will take the students from STC to the venues and deliver the students back to STC in time to get the school buses home. Students do not need to wear school uniform but must not wear revealing clothing out of respect for the places of worship we are visiting.  It is important that all students bring a scarf or hat to cover their head for some of the holy places.

Students must bring a packed lunch from home, a water bottle and a snack. We ask out of respect to some religions that the packed lunch should not include any pork. We suggest that your child does bring some form of sun protection. We also advise that students bring a camera to record the places of worship, their mobile phone is permitted on the trip for this purpose.

The cost of the trip is $50 which was already paid as part of the registration process; this covers transport, insurance and a donation to the places of worship. The school should already have received your permission for your child to attend the trip, as well as their medical information, but I would be grateful if you could complete the reply slip below and have your child return it to their PRS teacher by 14th September latest.

If there is any other information you wish to inform us about, or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Crispian Farrow

Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies


I give permission for my son/daughter (NAME)  _________________       in 7.       .to attend the PRS Trail to 3 places of worship in Hong Kong. Please list any allergies or medical conditions that may be important ____________________________________________________________________________________

Please provide us with a name and phone number to call in case of an emergency:

Name of parent/guardian:                                                             Signature:                                              .

Emergency phone number:                                                                       .