1 Nov 2019

Y11 Mock Examinations

Dear Year 11 Students and Parents/Guardians,

IGCSE/GCSE Mock Examinations – January 2020

The main bulk of the Mock IGCSE/GCSE Examinations will start on Friday 10th January and finish on Friday 23rd Thursday. Only students who take Music, Dance and Drama will be excused from lessons on 6th Jan 2020.  These examinations are designed to give students the opportunity to sit a full set of IGCSE/GCSE papers under examination conditions. In this way, we hope that both students and their subject teachers can ascertain their areas of strength and any aspects of their academic work that need special attention.

Study Leave

In order to make this as valuable an experience as possible, we have arranged for our Year 11 students to have study leave from Friday 10th to Friday 23rd January inclusive. Classes will resume on Monday 3rd February 2020. As soon as students come on to the school site they must sign the register at the reception desk. This is important in order for us to monitor attendance in compliance with Health and Safety regulations, particularly in the event of an emergency.


A copy of the exam timetable is attached and can be viewed on the school website. Morning exams start at 8.30am; afternoon exams usually start at 1.00pm so that students can catch the school buses. All students MUST also register in and out of the school using their Octopus cards in the normal manner.

All exams will take place in the Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Students should gather in room SSC 15 minutes before the scheduled start of an exam. Students should only bring the necessary stationery to the Hall.  It is the responsibility of the students to arrange to be in school at the correct time for all their exams – no reminders will be given, nor phone calls made.

Study in school

Students who have morning and afternoon exams on the same day or those who wish to revise in school may make use of designated study rooms in school.

These rooms are for silent studying – socialising should take place in the canteen area.

The study rooms that are available will be displayed in the Reception area and the notice board next to the exams office. Students may NOT assume to have use of their tutor rooms during these times – the rest of the school continues to have regular classes. Students may use the canteen between morning and afternoon exams, go to one of the study rooms, or leave school. They should not use the library, nor disturb PE lessons or wander around the school.


School will provide calculators to students in the mock except Mathematics exams.  Students are expected to bring their own graphical display calculator (GDC) which must be in “press to test” mode status in the Mathematics exams. Please see the information in the attached document for details of how to do this.


Students are required to come in school uniform during the mock exam period. It is likely to be cold in the Hall so students should bring a warm top.

Note to candidates:

Please note that students will not be allowed to take bags or phones into the Hall. These will need to be stored in a secure location outside the Hall and it is the responsibility of each individual student to ensure the security of their own belongings.

You must put your Hong Kong ID card on the right hand corner of your table during the examination.


If you have any clashes on your timetable, see Ms. Wan ASAP in Room 127.

We hope that parents will encourage students to prepare thoroughly for these mock exams, although they should, of course, have time off to celebrate and enjoy the Christmas holidays.


Iris Wan                                                                             Kellie Fagan
Examinations Manager                                                GCSE Coordinator/Vice Principal



Y11 Mock Exam Timetable – Jan 2020

Press to Test Mode