9 Mar 2021

World Sleep Day – Mar 19th

Dear Parents and Guardians

I hope this message finds you well.

We are all aware of the value of sleep. Good quality sleep is imperative.

Everyone at the College takes seriously our responsibility to teach our students about sleep – why sleep is important and strategies to use to get enough. Adolescents need to know that their teenage years are a formative period during which their brains and bodies experience significant development. Their transition into adulthood brings important changes that affect every aspect of their lives. Sleep is essential during this period, but our professional experiences here at the College indicate that many STC students get far less sleep than they need.

The gap between us teaching our students about the significance of sleep and them actually ensuring they obtain sufficient quality sleep is a big one. My colleagues and I often discuss the attitude that some students have to their lack of sleep. We hear students compare hours of missed sleep, share how they stayed up all night and were awake many hours after their parents. They tend to wear their sleep deprivation as ‘badges of honour’.

We know that sleep benefits the brain, promotes attention, memory and analytical and creative thought. It consolidates learning. It affects mood, emotional development and mental health. Sleep contributes to the effective function of virtually every system of the body empowering the immune system, helping regulate hormones and enabling muscle and tissue recovery.

March 19 2021 is World Sleep Day. We have decided this is a terrific opportunity to reinforce our need for sleep in fun ways. Students and staff are being invited to come to school in pajamas. No uniforms. Teddy bears are welcome! This is not a service event (and no coin donations); it’s purely for reasons of education and wellbeing. All Tutors have been shared material to work through with their Tutees. There is always more to learn about the magic of sleep.

It would be wonderful if you can support WORLD SLEEP DAY by permitting your child(ren) to attend school out of uniform and in pajamas. If you have any questions about this, please contact me.

With thanks for your ongoing cooperation and support.

Warm wishes.

Chris Rowlands

Vice Principal