30 Apr 2019

World Autism Awareness Week

“To measure the success of our societies, we should examine how well those with different abilities, including persons with autism, are integrated as full and valued members.”

Ban Ki-Moon, Former United Nations Secretary-General

World Autism Awareness Week took place this year in the week starting Monday 1st April. At Sha Tin College, we carried out a number of activities to recognise and mark this global event. All year groups received assemblies in which they were provided with information about autism and its characteristics, along with learning about the challenges that autistic students face in their everyday lives. Students were also given suggestions on how best we can support autistic people in the school community.

As well as raising awareness of autism through assemblies, students were encouraged to show their support for autism and help raise funds for “Rainbow Project”, a local charity that provides education and therapy for children with autism and learning difficulties. Every lunchtime during the week, students and staff were able to buy blue ribbons to wear and later in the week, donations could be made by taking part in a blue-themed non-uniform day. The proceeds from both of these fund-raising activities amounted to over $12,000.

Above all, the main aim of this week was to raise awareness of diversity and to encourage respect, understanding and acceptance of autism in our school and wider community, an acceptance, which we hope, will extend beyond this week and into the future.

Ms Paciello