17 Dec 2021

Wharton Investment Competition

Over the past 10 weeks, three teams of 7 students have been working together to create an investment strategy for a given client to meet their short- and long-term investment goals. Each team has produced a report explaining their proposed strategy which they designed to win the business of the client.  To learn about investment strategies, risk, diversification and the importance of analysing companies and industries they invested $100,000 USD in virtual cash in a US stock market simulator.  The students will be judged on teamwork, creativity, communication, analysis of their portfolio and how their investment strategy aligns with the goals of the client.  It has been a genuine learning experience for the students.

Student comments about the competition.

“I learned the importance of teamwork and resilience, and also the excitement of investing using virtual currency. I learned how to organize, how to lead, how to compromise and how to analyse data”.

“After entering the competition and working in a group, I learnt a lot about stocks and how to invest. I also learnt how to work (mostly) cooperatively in a group with people I don’t already know well.”