21 Sep 2023

Welcome to the STC CAS Fair 2023

CAS – short for Creativity, Activity, and Service – is a core component of the IBDP curriculum. It requires students to create their own ‘CAS Project’, an innovative group project aiming to address a particular need in the community. STC’s annual CAS Fair was held on the 13th of September, providing an opportunity for the Year 13s to share their CAS projects with the community and give inspiration to the Year 12 students embarking on their CAS journey. The hall was filled with banners that explained each CAS project, accompanied by the chatter of Year 12 asking questions and Year 13 students sharing their experiences.

For the Year 13 students, the CAS Fair was a rewarding experience. It allowed them to showcase their hard work throughout the past year. “I felt inspired looking at my peers’ work and aspirations,” recalled Wai Lam (13X1), “I found that my CAS project (Teaching Children STEM) was very rewarding [as] I got to interact with lots of younger kids.” Nicole Lau (13P1) agreed, commenting, “it was a beautiful experience to see so many flourishing CAS projects. I could really feel the inspiration buzzing in the room.”

Many Year 12 students reflected that the fair was an opportunity to be inspired by previous CAS projects and receive insightful advice from the Year 13s. “It alleviated the pressure of forming a CAS project,” said Ethan Tang (12X1), “there was a large variety of projects so it encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone when creating my own.”

Ms O’Dea, STC’s CAS Coordinator, was impressed by the quality of this year’s CAS Fair. “It’s really great to see all the hard work of the Year 13s and a year’s worth of work on their project,” she commented, “it’s amazing seeing it come to life and seeing the Year 13s being passionate talking about their project and giving advice to other students. Our new banners look great too!”

Overall, this year’s CAS Fair was a resounding success. It allowed the Year 13s to showcase their hard work and give inspiration to the new Year 12s for their own CAS project.

Written by: Amelie Chin (Year 13)
Edited by: Samantha Law (Year 12)